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Case Study


SEA provided Federal Court Trial testimony and was deposed in a case regarding the Federal and State RCRA/CWA regulations applicable to the discharge of dry-cleaning wastes. Also prepared an Expert Report which concluded that the company should have known that its perchloroethylene management practices would cause contamination. The case also involved an investigation into the historical practices and knowledge of the dry cleaning industry regarding the hazards of perchloroethylene. This case was decided in a manner favorable to the coverage group.

SEA was retained to provide expert witness and investigative support in a case involving the release of dry cleaning solvent. The expert report prepared for a deposition in this RCRA case summarizes significant scientific, regulatory and policy determinations regarding the health and environmental effects of perchloroethylene (perc) at the state, regional and Federal level.

In addition, the Report chronicles significant events at a Vermont site involving perc wastes and integrates these events with other relevant developments including:

  • Vermont regulatory requirements
  • Federal hazardous waste requirements
  • The state of industry knowledge regarding the hazards of perc
  • The state of scientific knowledge regarding perc
  • The state of public knowledge regarding the hazards of perc, and
  • The availability of technology and facilities to properly manage perc wastes and prevent damages to human health and the environment.