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Strategic Environmental Analysis, L.C. (SEA) is an environmental management consulting firm that serves clients in the hazardous waste, radioactive waste, solid waste, recycling and wastewater fields by analyzing the impact of business, regulatory and technology factors on the environmental services marketplace, and by devising strategies to cope with future market conditions. SEA's areas of practice include custom market surveys, due diligence investigations, regulatory analysis, expert witness testimony and litigation support, technology assessments, multi-client research, policy development and representation projects. Clients of SEA include members of the business, legal, financial, engineering and insurance communities, members of the Fortune 500, environmental groups, as well as the EPA, DOE, DOJ, and the State Department.

SEA has assisted environmental firms in Sweden, Belgium, and France with their ventures and involvement in U.S. environmental markets, as well as governments in the Middle East with their understanding of the U.S. regulatory system.    A summary of these projects is contained below:

Biosolids Management

Conducted a detailed study of the U.S. Biosolids Management Equipment Market for a European equipment manufacturer, including: profiling of key companies; identification of all relevant supply and demand factors; and, analysis of key Federal and local regulatory trends. Report was used by senior management of a multi-national corporation to assess likely success of market entry.

Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Market Study

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of all sectors of the hazardous waste marketplace to identify both optimal sectors for market entry and target companies for acquisition for a European firm. Study required ranking of all market sectors based on likely growth potential taking into account all relevant supply and demand factors. Once sectors were ranked, SEA and its partners were required to identify and rank acquisition targets in the sectors of interest identified by the client. Study led to successful market entry and selected acquisitions.

International Seminar on Preventive and Remediation Technologies

SEA was retained by various Federal agencies to prepare a detailed presentation on the structure of the U.S. hazardous waste regulatory programs, and the preventive and remediation technologies that have been developed to implement these programs.  Presentation was used as the basis for a seminar on waste treatment technologies for a group of academicians and government officials from several Middle Eastern countries.

Soil Remediation Technologies

Characterized and assessed the soil remediation and technology markets in Western Europe and the U.S., with particularly emphasis on soil washing capabilities. Study was conducted in conjunction with an ongoing dispute regarding the role of a patent in securing market access and acceptance.