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Lanny D. Weimer

Mr. Weimer has managed several major water/waste water projects including the following:

  • On-site water/waste water audits for four coal fired electric generating facilities. Developed overall water/waste water management plans including feed water treatment, in-plant recycle and re-use modifications, in-process treatment, and end-of-pipe treatment to achieve zero liquid discharge operations.
  • Developed solid waste and waste water management operations at the world's largest synthetic fuels production facility in the Republic of South Africa.
  • Designed, installed, and operated a waste water treatment plant for a magnesium processing facility. The waste water treatment plant consisted of pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, brine concentration, and spray drying.
  • Designed a potable water treatment plant for an oil shale processing facility. The potable water treatment plant included filtration, ion exchange, media adsorption, and clarification.

Mr. Weimer has extensive professional management experience in hazardous/industrial waste remediation projects including the following:

  • Managed remedial investigation / feasibility study (RI/FS) projects for fifteen Superfund sites. Major contaminants found at these sites included: PCBs, pesticides, volatile organics, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Prepared all the necessary documents to support the RI/FS projects including Work Plans, QA/QC Plans, Health and Safety Plans, Spill Containment, Control, Contingency Plans, and Sample and Analysis Plans.
  • Managed on-site remediation of PCB contaminated sludges at a major aluminum production facility.
  • Developed an innovative in-site process to extract PCBs from oily sludges contained in an underground storage tank at US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Managed on-site remediation of pesticides at the US Department of Defense's Rocky Mountain Arsenal facility.



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