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Lanny D. Weimer

3630 Cornus Lane

Ellicott City, Maryland 21042

(410) 750-0626 Fax (410) 465-2887 Cell (410) 340-8319



Mr. Weimer is a chemical engineer with over 30 years of direct engineering, project management, operations, and marketing experience with complex water treatment technologies (membrane and thermal systems for brackish and seawater desalination) and industrial wastewater treatment technologies (including Zero Liquid Discharge water management systems). This experience includes water and wastewater treatment systems in energy production, electric generation, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical production facilities. 


 Mr. Weimer’s direct experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry enables him to provide value added service by evaluating current operations and to direct economic and operational improvements to planned upgrades, operational changes and expansions.  These value added services include: strategic and tactical planning, performance reviews, gap analysis, and problem resolution.  


 As a project manager and lead engineer, Mr. Weimer managed major water treatment projects for US and foreign clients. These activities include conducting “up-stream” engineering evaluations of wastewater generating processes as a component of the design effort in order to minimize adverse impacts on the actual operations of the wastewater treatment processes.  For several major projects, he has managed and engineered the development of wastewater characterization databases to support purchase specifications preparation for turnkey water and wastewater treatment systems, including Zero Liquid Discharge systems.  He has managed and engineered Zero Liquid Discharge system operations support and developed recommendations to improve system operations and reliability.  He managed the development and design of the $50 million Zero Liquid Discharge system for the world’s oldest coal gasification facility at Sasolburg, South Africa.

 As a Sales and Marketing Executive he combined technical knowledge and communication skills to close over $250 million in water and wastewater treatment projects.  He directed the commercialization of an innovative waste treatment system from the laboratory stage through to full scale commercial scale implementation. He maintains working knowledge of the regulatory/legal market drivers that impact water and wastewater treatment systems implementation and operations.

 Mr. Weimer provides expert services such as conducting an industry trends analysis (US Biosolids Management industry), due diligence on a centralized oily wastewater treatment facility ($25 million investment), insurance claim adjustment (increased claim from $280,000 to $970,000) for fire damage at a water treatment facility, and provided litigation support for two cases involving operation of high strength organic wastewaters.  His combination of sales, marketing, and technical skills allows Mr. Weimer to offer a value-added skill of describing complex technical issues in non-technical terms applicable to these types of project venues. 


Oliver Engineering.  – President

He has completed many successful process development projects for water and wastewater treatment projects.  He has conducted several technical and operational audits of wastewater treatment process system design and operations.  He has provided project engineering and project management consulting services for wide range of clients involved in water treatment, water reuse and zero liquid discharge projects.

Ionics RCC – Product Manager & Account Executive

He managed over 25 contracts for development and commercialization of innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies. Projects included: Rocky Mountain Arsenal (DOD), Rocky Flats (DOE), Great Lakes National Program Office (USACE), and New Bedford Harbor (USACE).  Designed Zero Liquid Discharge systems for Aluminum Company of America, Texas Utility Generating Company, Northwest Alloys, and South Africa Oil and Gas Company (SASOL)

Halliburton NUS – National Accounts Manager

He secured over 30 new contracts for environmental engineering services with major industrial (Fortune 500) clients. Major focus was the primary metals and chemical industries.  He was responsible for developing sales strategies, targeting key accounts for partnering & alliance programs.

Resources Conservation Company – Applications Engineering Manager

He managed the development and design of the water and wastewater treatment plant ($50 million) for the SASOL Coal Gasification facility in South Africa.  He developed several waste water treatment and recycle systems for major industrial clients (Coors Brewery, Wiser Distillery, Kerr McGee, Pfizer, and American Cyanamid). 

Boeing Engineering Construction Company – Project Engineer

He managed research and development activities supporting on-going company projects.  R&D efforts included bench, pilot, and full-scale water and wastewater treatment system demonstration programs for major clients. R&D projects included advanced waste water treatment processes (reverse osmosis, crystallization, media adsorption, ion exchange)

Battelle Northwest Laboratories – Pilot Plant Engineer

Responsible for the design and operation of pilot plant facilities used to support alternative energy research projects (hot flue gas scrubbing using molten salts)


·         Midwest Sugar Beet Manufacturing Association, MN Prepared Expert Witness Reports for legal action regarding a Zero Liquid Discharge system design and operation 

·         Municipal Wastewater Treatment, NM. Prepared Expert Witness Reports for legal action regarding operation of municipal wastewater treatment system 

·         Brazos River Authority TX. Prepared Expert Witness Reports for legal action regarding fire damage of water treatment system 

·         South Africa Oil and Gas Company, South Africa – Water and solid waste management & treatment system  ($1,000,000 study, $50 million treatment plant construction)  

·         Texas Utilities Generating Company, TX – Zero wastewater discharge system design and implementation at three operating facilities. ($750,000 study, $50 million treatment plant construction)  

·         Rocky Mountain Arsenal, CO – Demonstration project ($400,000) for treatment of pesticide contaminated soil (US Army Corps of Engineers)  

·         Rocky Flats, CO – Bench scale demonstration project ($100,000) for uranium recovery from contaminated soil (Department of Energy)


·         Monsanto, WA – Designed, constructed, and started-up an innovative, energy efficient isopropanol recovery system. ($3,000,000)  

·         Kerr McGee, OK - Designed, constructed, and started-up an innovative, energy efficient uranyl nitrate concentration process. ($2,300,000) 

·         Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, CT - Designed, constructed, and started-up an innovative, energy efficient organic wastewater concentration process ($3,000,000) 

·         American Cyanamid, NJ - Designed, constructed, and started-up an innovative, energy efficient nitrobenzene recovery process ($750,000) 

·         Aluminum Company of America, WA - Designed, installed, and started-up a wastewater treatment plant for a magnesium processing facility.  ($2,750,000)  


University of Washington, BS Chemical Engineering (cum laude)



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