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Due Diligence

Strategic Environmental Analysis , L.C. (SEA) is an environmental management consulting firm that serves clients in the hazardous waste, radioactive waste, solid waste, recycling and wastewater fields by analyzing the impact of business, regulatory and technology factors on the environmental services marketplace, and by devising strategies to cope with future market conditions. SEA's areas of practice include custom market surveys, due diligence investigations, regulatory analysis, expert witness testimony and litigation support, and technology assessments, multi-client research, and policy development and representation projects.

SEA has been called up on to perform numerous investigations of a firm’s market performance and customer stability in association with a pending merger or acquisition. Such investigations may focus solely on the veracity of a firm’s assertions of its future revenues and customer base, or involve detailed assessments of a firm’s competitive, regulatory and compliance posture. Such studies are also conducted to assist an acquiring firm in identifying and/or sorting through prospective acquisition candidates. The links listed below summarize some of SEA’s recent and historical Due Diligence projects:

Assessment of HDPE Pipe For Water Supply and Wastewater Management

Conducted a regional assessment of the HDPE pipe business for both water supply and wastewater applications. Study involved the identification of all likely competitors and the strength and weakness of each, the areas of strongest demand by both pipe diameter and type of application, and the posture of each firm toward merger or acquisition.

Biosolids Management

Conducted a detailed study of the U.S. Biosolids Management and Equipment Market including: profiling of key companies; identification of all relevant supply and demand factors; and, analysis of key Federal and local regulatory trends. Report was used by senior management of a multi-national corporation to assess likely success of market entry.

Biosolids Management II

Performed an update of previous study of the U.S. Biosolids Management and Equipment Market. Report was used by senior management of a multinational corporation to assess likely success of market entry.

Clean Water Act Regulations

Incorporated analysis of relevant Clean Water Act requirements in numerous due diligence and expert case work since 1994.

Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Market Study

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of all sectors of the hazardous waste marketplace to identify both optimal sectors for market entry and target companies for acquisition for a European firm. Study required ranking of all market sectors based on likely growth potential taking into account all relevant supply and demand factors. Once sectors were ranked, SEA and its partners were required to identify and rank acquisition targets in the sectors of interest identified by the client. Study led to successful market entry and selected acquisitions.

Environmental Services Demand

Conducted a market study/due diligence investigation for a private equity firm seeking to invest in an environmental services company. The project involved assessing the firm’s competitive posture relative to its peers and the likelihood of sustained demand for the firm’s services.

Harbor Dredge Materials and Wastewater Management

Conducted two comprehensive regional assessments of harbor dredge materials management market and related wastewater disposition issues. Studies resulted in the calculation of supply and demand curves based upon upcoming contracts and available treatment capacity in the region. Reports were used by private investment group to assess investment potential.

Historical Projects

bullet Catalyst Recycling Market Study
bullet Commercial Radioactive Waste Acquisition Screening
bullet Evaluation Of Final Remedy For Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System
bullet Low-Level Radioactive Waste
bullet Mixed Waste Market Due Diligence
bullet Mixed Waste Markets
bullet Mexican Hazardous Waste Combustion Market Forecast
bullet Organic Chemicals Recycling
bullet Strategic Partner Search
bullet Thermal Destruction Markets
bullet Thermal Destruction Services

bullet Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Market Study